Hi there. It's a pleasure to meet you. I wanted to introduce myself and give you a little background information on how I came to be who I am today. I have always been a writer, in one form or another. Through all of the ups and downs that have occurred in my life (so far!) writing has always been there for me. I am thankful for that as it has allowed me to pour out my feelings, emotions and dreams and get them OUT of me. Anger, joy, frustration, amazement. All of those and more. I know you other writers out there will know just what I mean.


  The need to write compelled me to create poems, short stories, and songs. Then, greeting cards, speeches, manuals, magazine articles, and on and on.  I grew up, however, wanting to be something else entirely. I grew up wanting to be a firefighter/medic.

   That dream came true for me and I was able to spend 14 years in that profession until a horrific injury ended my career. By the time that happened, I was already writing a weekly humor column for The Mountain Democrat in California (1990-2005).I won numerous awards both personally and on behalf of the newspaper during that time.

    I discovered a delightful NEW career ( spanning the past 15 years or so) working as a role-player at a Police Academy. I have also been a "professional bad guy" for many other law enforcement agencies in training exercises.

   I soon found another outlet for my writing in the form of screenplays. I have written several award winning screenplays, which have, so far, fallen apart in "Development Hell" (you other screenwriters know exactly what I'm talking about!) But there is no "quit" in me. So I'll keep working.

    I have spent the last 2-3 years co-writing a novel (with author Grant Jerkins) based on my original screenplay "Done In One". I'm proud to say that "Done in One" was published by Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martins press) January 13, 2015. The story is actually based on my life with "my sniper" and what life is like being married to a S.W.A.T. Sniper. 

   "My sniper" is now retired and we live in Northern California with our two St. Bernards, Katie Lynn & Zachary Jack.

  You can find me here, as I update information and on facebook, LinkedIn, IMDB, Goodreads and several other sites. Hope to hear from you!